Prerequisites on GCP

Before launching Cloudbreak on GCP, you must meet the following prerequisites.

GCP account

In order to launch Cloudbreak on GCP, you must log in to your GCP account. If you don't have an account, you can create one at

Once you log in to your GCP account, you must either create a project or use an existing project.

Service account

In order to launch clusters on GCP via Cloudbreak, you must have a service account that Cloudbreak can use to create resources. In addition, you must also have a JSON key associated with the account.

The service account must have the following roles are enabled:

A user with an "Owner" role can assign roles to new and existing service accounts from IAM & admin > Service accounts, as presented in the following screenshots:

For more information on creating a service account and generating a JSON key, refer to GCP documentation.

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SSH key pair

Generate a new SSH key pair or use an existing SSH key pair. You will be required to provide it when launching the VM.

Virtual network

You must have a virtual network configured on your cloud provider.

Security group

Ports 22 (SSH), 80 (HTTPS), and 443 (HTTPS) must be open on the security group

Region and zone

Decide in which region and zone you would like to launch Cloudbreak. You can launch Cloudbreak and provision your clusters in all regions supported by GCP.

Clusters created via Cloudbreak can be in the same or different region as Cloudbreak; when you launch a cluster, you select the region in which to launch it.

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