Troubleshooting Cloudbreak
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Blueprint errors

The following sections list common blueprint-related issues.

Invalid services and configurations

Ambari blueprints are a declarative definition of a cluster. With a blueprint, you specify a stack, the component layout, and the configurations to materialize a Hadoop cluster instance via a REST API without having to use the Ambari cluster install wizard.

Cloudbreak supports any type of blueprints, which is a common source of errors. These errors are only visible once the core infrastructure is up and running and Cloudbreak tries to initiate the cluster installation through Ambari. Ambari validates the blueprint and rejects it if it’s invalid.

For example, if there are configurations for a certain service like Hive but Hive as a service is not mapped to any host group, the blueprint is invalid.

To fix these type of issues, edit your blueprint and then reinstall your cluster. Cloudbreak UI has support for this so the infrastructure does not have to be terminated.

There are some cases when Ambari cannot validate your blueprint beforehand. In these cases, the issues are only visible in the Ambari server logs. To troubleshoot, check Ambari server logs.

Wrong HDP/HDF version

In the blueprint, only the major and minor HDP/HDF version should be defined (for example, “2.6”). If wrong version number is provided, the following error can be found in the logs:

5/15/2017 12:23:19 PM testcluster26 - create failed: Cannot use the specified Ambari stack: HDPRepo
{stack='null'; utils='null'}
. Error: org.apache.ambari.server.controller.spi.NoSuchResourceException: The specified resource doesn't exist: Stack data, Stack HDP is not found in Ambari metainfo    

For correct blueprint layout, refer to the Ambari cwiki page.