Troubleshooting Cloudbreak
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Cloudbreak logs

When installing Cloudbreak using a pre-built cloud image, the Cloudbreak deployer location and the cbd root folder is /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment. You must execute all cbd actions from the cbd root folder as a cloudbreak user.


Your cbd root directory may be different if you installed Cloudbreak on your own VM.

Aggregated logs

Cloudbreak consists of multiple microservices deployed into Docker containers. To check aggregated service logs, use the following commands:

cbd logs shows all service logs.

cbd logs | tee cloudbreak.log allows you to redirect the input into a file for sharing these logs.

Individual service logs

To check individual service logs, use the following commands:

cbd logs cloudbreak shows Cloudbreak logs. This service is the backend service that handles all deployments.

cbd logs uluwatu shows Cloudbreak UI logs. Uluwatu is the UI component of Cloudbreak.

cbd logs identity shows Identity logs. Identity is responsible for authentication and authorization.

cbd logs periscope shows Periscope logs. Periscope is responsible for triggering autoscaling rules.

Docker logs

The same logs can be accessed via Docker commands:

docker logs cbreak_cloudbreak_1 shows the same logs as cbd logs cloudbreak.

Cloudbreak logs are rotated and can be accessed later from the Cloudbreak deployment folder. Each time you restart the application via cbd restart a new log file is created with a timestamp in the name (for example, cbreak-20170821-105900.log).


There is a symlink called cbreak.log which points to the latest log file. Sharing this symlink does not share the log itself.