Troubleshooting Cloudbreak
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Recipe errors

The following sections list common recipe related issues.

Recipe execution times out

If the scripts are taking too much time to execute, the processes will time out, as the threshold for all recipes is set to 15 minutes. To change this threshold, you must override the default value by adding the following to the cbd Profile file:

export CB_JAVA_OPTS=” -Dcb.max.salt.recipe.execution.retry=90”  

This property indicates the number of tries for checking if the scripts have finished with a sleep time (i.e. the wait time between two polling attempts) of 10 seconds. The default value is 90. To increase the threshold, provide a number greater than 90. You must restart Cloudbreak after changing properties in the Profile file.

Recipe execution fails

It often happens that a script cannot be executed successfully because there are typos or errors in the script. To verify this you can check the recipe logs at /var/log/recipes. For each script, there will be a separate log file with the name of the script that you provided on the Cloudbreak UI.