Troubleshooting Cloudbreak
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Troubleshooting Cloudbreak CLI

The following section lists common issues related to Cloudbreak CLI.

Special characters in blueprint name cause an error

When registering a blueprint via blueprint create CLI command, if the name of the blueprint includes one or more of the following special characters @#$%|:&*; you will get an error similar to:

cb blueprint create from-url --name test@# --url  
[1] 7547
-bash: application.yml: command not found
-bash: --url: command not found
 ~  integration-test  1  time="2018-02-01T12:56:44+01:00" level="error" msg="the following parameters are missing: url\n"

Solution: When using special characters in a blueprint name, make sure to use quotes; for example “test@#”:

cb blueprint create from-url --name "test@#" --url