Troubleshooting Cloudbreak
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Quota limitations

Each cloud provider has quota limitations on various cloud resources, and these quotas can usually be increased on request. If there is an error message in Cloudbreak stating that there are no more available EIPs (Elastic IP Address) or VPCs, you need to request more of these resources. To see the limitations visit the cloud provider’s site:

Example error on OpenStack

Cluster creation fails with the following error:

Infrastructure creation failed. Reason: Failed to create the stack for CloudContext{id=3689, name='test-exisitngnetwork', platform='StringType{value='OPENSTACK'}', owner='e0307f96-bd7d-4641-8c8f-b95f2667d9c6'} due to: Resource CREATE failed: ResourceInError: resources.ambari_volume_master_0_0: Went to status error due to "Unknown"

This may mean that the volumes that you requested exceed volumes available on your cloud provider account. When creating a cluster, on the advanced Hardware and Storage page of the create cluster wizard, try reducing the amount of requested storage. If you need more storage, try using a different region or ask your cloud provider admin to increase the resource quota for volumes.