DLM Installation and Upgrade
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Data Lifecycle Manager Download Information

Access to Data Lifecycle Manager application for production purposes requires authentication.

To access these applications, you must first have an active subscription agreement along with the required authentication credentials (username and password).

The authentication credentials are provided in an email sent to customer accounts from Cloudera when a new license is issued. If you have an existing license with a Data Lifecycle Manager entitlement, you might not have received an email.

NOTE: If you do not have authentication credentials, contact your Cloudera account representative to receive the same.

To download Data Lifecycle Manager applications, follow these steps:

  1. From cloudera.com, log into the cloudera.com account associated with the Data Lifecycle Manager license agreement.
  2. On the Data Lifecycle Manager Download page, click CHOOSE APPLICATION.
  3. Select from:
    • DLM-APP


  4. Click Download Now.

    A table with the list of release packages with associated release numbers, supported operating system, and downloadable link appears.

    Click on the applicable link to download the item relevant to your requirement.