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On-premise replication using different keys and Ranger-KMS instances

For data at rest that is encrypted using transparent data encryption (TDE), DLM can replicate data across different Ranger Key Management Service (KMS) encryption zones and using different encryption keys. This capability applies to replication between on-premise clusters for both HDFS and Hive data.

  • Permissions are replicated along with the data.
  • Ranger key management and key authorization management must be done external to DLM by an administrator with access to Ranger.
  • For Hive replication
    • The entire warehouse must be in one encryption zone.
    • The change management directory (cmroot directory) should also be setup in the same encryption zone as the warehouse directory.
Following is an example of how this replication scenario might apply:
  • The source cluster with Ranger-KMS-1 instance uses key-1 to decrypt the data, then passes the data to the destination.
  • The destination cluster with Ranger-KMS-2 instance uses key-2 to encrypt the data on the destination.