DLM Installation and Upgrade
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Installation overview

To install Data Life Cycle Manager (DLM), you must install the following components:

  1. Install DataPlane Platform (DP): DataPlane Platform hosts services to provide a single pane of glass for managing data across multiple HDP clusters. DataPlane Platform should be installed on a host outside the HDP clusters.
  2. Install DLM Service: DLM Service is a DataPlane service which enables DLM functionality. DLM Service hosts DLM UI and sets up DLM functionality across multiple HDP clusters. DLM Service should be installed on the host where DataPlane Platform is installed.
  3. Install DLM Engine: DLM engine is the agent in each HDP cluster, which facilitates DLM functionality. DLM engine is installed as an Ambari service in each HDP cluster involved in replication.