DLM Installation and Upgrade
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Version recommendation for DLM and HDP

You must ensure that you are using versions of DLM App, DLM Engine, HDP, and Ambari that are supported together.

It is strongly recommended that you install the latest version of DLM, to take advantage of the latest functionality and the stability updates.

DataPlane platform and DLM App should be the latest version. DLM capabilities supported here are the features of the minimum DLM Engine version.

DLM Engine should be on the latest version available for the HDP version that you have installed in your environment. You can upgrade HDP to the version that the latest DLM Engine version requires to perform in a seamless manner.

DLM 1.5.1 version is compatible with HDP and HDP 3.1.4 releases. HDP release has fixes in different components of HDP like Hive, Ranger, and Atlas to enable the DLM functionality. If you are performing replication using Google Cloud Storage and if you are upgrading from less than HDP release, you must perform a full cluster upgrade to HDP release.

If you are already on HDP release, you need not perform a full cluster upgrade.
If you are not using Google Cloud Storage, use Ambari patch upgrade process, which will upgrade just the required components of HDP stack, so that other HDP components are not affected.

If you are on an earlier release of HDP, use a standard full upgrade to HDP release. Please reach out to Hortonworks support team to get HDP