HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Flume: Kafka Sink


Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

This is a Flume Sink implementation that can publish data to a Kafka topic. One of the objectives is to integrate Flume with Kafka so that pull-based processing systems can process the data coming through various Flume sources. This currently supports Kafka 0.8.x series of releases.

Property Name



type-Must be set to org.apache.flume.sink.kafka.KafkaSink.
brokerList-List of brokers Kafka-Sink will connect to, to get the list of topic partitions. This can be a partial list of brokers, but we recommend at least two for HA. The format is a comma separated list of hostname:port.
topicdefault-flume-topicThe topic in Kafka to which the messages will be published. If this parameter is configured, messages will be published to this topic. If the event header contains a “topic” field, the event will be published to that topic overriding the topic configured here.
batchSize100How many messages to process in one batch. Larger batches improve throughput while adding latency.
requiredAcks1How many replicas must acknowledge a message before it is considered successfully written. Accepted values are 0 (Never wait for acknowledgement), 1 (wait for leader only), -1 (wait for all replicas) Set this to -1 to avoid data loss in some cases of leader failure.
Other Kafka Producer Properties-These properties are used to configure the Kafka Producer. Any producer property supported by Kafka can be used. The only requirement is to prepend the property name with the prefix "Kafka.". For example: kafka.producer.type.

Note: Kafka Sink uses the topic and key properties from the FlumeEvent headers to send events to Kafka. If the topic exists in the headers, the event will be sent to that specific topic, overriding the topic configured for the Sink. If key exists in the headers, the key will used by Kafka to partition the data between the topic partitions. Events with same key will be sent to the same partition. If the key is null, events will be sent to random partitions.

An example configuration of a Kafka sink is given below. Properties starting with the prefix Kafka (the last 3 properties) are used when instantiating the Kafka producer. The properties that are passed when creating the Kafka producer are not limited to the properties given in this example. It is also possible include your custom properties here and access them inside the preprocessor through the Flume Context object passed in as a method argument.

a1.sinks.k1.type = org.apache.flume.sink.kafka.KafkaSink a1.sinks.k1.topic = mytopic
a1.sinks.k1.brokerList = localhost:9092
a1.sinks.k1.requiredAcks = 1
a1.sinks.k1.batchSize = 20
a1.sinks.k1.channel = c1