HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides Accumulo 1.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ACCUMULO-3963 Incremental backoff on inability to write to HDFS

  • ACCUMULO-4053 ReplicationOperations.drain() is returning too quickly

  • ACCUMULO-4060 Transient ZooKeeper connection issues kills FATE Runner threads

  • ACCUMULO-4065 Oneway Thrift calls leave message on client's InputStream

  • ACCUMULO-4069 Services failing to renew Kerberos ticket

  • ACCUMULO-4071 BulkImportSequentialRowsIT fails on standalone cluster with HDFS permission errors

HDP 2.3.2 provided Accumulo 1.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ACCUMULO-3890 Use of CredentialProvider results in a lot of NN ops

  • ACCUMULO-3957 Consider moving off getContentSummary in the monitor

  • ACCUMULO-3967 bulk import loses records when loading pre-split table

  • ACCUMULO-3973 ShellServerIT.addauths fails to correctly deal with cached authorizations

  • ACCUMULO-4001 BulkImportSequentialRowsIT fails when using HDFS

HDP 2.3.0 provided Accumulo 1.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ACCUMULO-3809 Table problem report has bogus table name for user table

  • ACCUMULO-3810 RandomWalk test, MultiTable fails throwing java.lang.NullPointerException w/ Kerberos on

  • ACCUMULO-3812 T*ProxyIT classes need cleanup

  • ACCUMULO-3814 StandaloneAccumuloClusterControl doesn't set provided ACCUMULO_CONF_DIR on SetGoalState

  • ACCUMULO-3815 StandaloneClusterControl shouldn't use canonical paths

  • ACCUMULO-3816 rpc.sasl.qop not mentioned in Kerberos server-configuration user manual section

  • ACCUMULO-3821 CleanTmpIT fails on dfs.permission enabled HDFS instance

  • ACCUMULO-3822 ImportExportIT fails to write to export directory in HDFS due to permissions

  • ACCUMULO-3823 Support separate client and server ACCUMULO_CONF_DIRs for StandaloneCluster ITs

  • ACCUMULO-3826 User manual accidentally references commerical product

  • ACCUMULO-3827 Default store types for monitor SSL are broken

  • ACCUMULO-3828 SimpleProxyBase ITs failing due to constraint propagation

  • ACCUMULO-3834 ConstraintIT occasionally failing

  • ACCUMULO-3838 ReplicationIT.replicationEntriesPrecludeWalDeletion failed because it missed an expected WAL

  • ACCUMULO-3839 Nonsense error when configuring instance.volumes.replacements

  • ACCUMULO-3845 DurabilityIT failed

  • ACCUMULO-3846 Allow override of C++ compiler through Maven build

  • ACCUMULO-3847 StandaloneClusterControl needs to launch MR jobs locally

  • ACCUMULO-3849 Proxy sets incorrect primary for SASL server transport

  • ACCUMULO-3850 Improve logging in replication code path

  • ACCUMULO-3852 NPE in WorkMaker for non-existent table

  • ACCUMULO-3853 Contention around ConcurrentLinkedQueue.size() in AsyncSpanReceiver

  • ACCUMULO-3856 ProxyServer.updateAndFlush leaks BatchWriter

  • ACCUMULO-3858 WatchTheWatchCountIT failed with too few watchers

  • ACCUMULO-3859 TabletServer never acknowledged constraint

  • ACCUMULO-3861 DurabilityIT might actually see all results with durability=none

  • ACCUMULO-3862 Improve how AsyncSpanReceiver drops short spans

  • ACCUMULO-3870 Loads of warnings from ClientConfiguration delimiter parsing w/ Kerberos

  • ACCUMULO-3874 Wrong username in exception when user doesn't exist

  • ACCUMULO-3877 TableOperationsIT failed in testCompactEmptyTableWithGeneratorIterator_Splits_Cancel

  • ACCUMULO-3878 Hunt down ClientConfiguration warnings

  • ACCUMULO-3879 MultiInstanceReplicationIT.dataWasReplicatedToThePeer failed

  • ACCUMULO-3880 Malformed Configuration Causes tservers To Shutdown

  • ACCUMULO-3881 T*ProxyITs fail with useKrbForIT=true

  • ACCUMULO-3882 AccumuloOutputFormatIT loads installed client.conf instead of minicluster's

  • ACCUMULO-3883 ITs should not load default ClientConfiguration

  • ACCUMULO-3886 Boolean values in SiteConfiguration must use lower-case starting characters

  • ACCUMULO-3887 Lack of insight into `accumulo admin stop $tserver`

  • ACCUMULO-3893 ReadWriteIT#sunnyDay fails against Monitor w/ SSL enabled

  • ACCUMULO-3894 KerberosProxyIT too aggressive in waiting for proxy to start