HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides ZooKeeper 3.4.6 and the following Apache patches:

  • ZOOKEEPER-706 Large numbers of watches can cause session re-establishment to fail.

HDP 2.3.2 provided ZooKeeper 3.4.6 and the following Apache patches:

  • ZOOKEEPER-1506: Re-try DNS hostname -> IP resolution if node connection fails.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1574: Set svn:eol-style property to native.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1575: adding .gitattributes to prevent CRLF and LF mismatches for source and text files.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1791: ZooKeeper package includes unnecessary jars that are part of the package.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1848: [WINDOWS] Java NIO socket channels does not work with Windows ipv6 on JDK6.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1876: Add support for installing windows services in .cmd scripts.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1888: ZkCli.cmd commands fail with "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command".

  • ZOOKEEPER-1897: ZK Shell/CLI not processing commands.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1926: Unit tests should only use build/test/data for data.

  • ZOOKEEPER-1952: Default log directory and file name can be changed.

  • ZOOKEEPER-2053: Make scripts use ZOOKEEPER_HOME if set.

  • ZOOKEEPER-2064: Prevent resource leak in various classes.

HDP 2.3.0 provided ZooKeeper 3.4.6, with no additional Apache patches.