HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides HBase 1.1.2 and the following Apache patches:

  • HBASE-13103: [ergonomics] add region size balancing as a feature of master.

  • HBASE-13250: chown of ExportSnapshot does not cover all path and files.

  • HBASE-14207: Region was hijacked and remained in transition when RS failed to open a region and later regionplan changed to new RS on retry.

  • HBASE-14268: Improve KeyLocker.

  • HBASE-14280: Bulk Upload from HA cluster to remote HA HBase cluster fails.

  • HBASE-14309: Allow load balancer to operate when there is region in transition by adding force flag.

  • HBASE-14314: Metrics for block cache should take region replicas into account.

  • HBASE-14342: Recursive call in RegionMergeTransactionImpl.getJournal().

  • HBASE-14359: HTable#close will hang forever if unchecked error/exception thrown in AsyncProcess#sendMultiAction.

  • HBASE-14361: ReplicationSink should create Connection instances lazily.

  • HBASE-14367: Add normalization support to shell.

  • HBASE-14445: ExportSnapshot does not honor -chmod option.

  • HBASE-14463: Severe performance downgrade when parallel reading a single key from BucketCache.

  • HBASE-14475: Region split requests are always audited with HBase user rather than request user.

  • HBASE-14497: Reverse Scan threw StackOverflow caused by readPt checking.

  • HBASE-14536: Balancer and SSH interfering with each other leading to unavailability.

  • HBASE-14565: Make ZK connection timeout configurable in MiniZooKeeperCluster.

  • HBASE-14578: URISyntaxException during snapshot restore for table with user defined namespace.

  • HBASE-14581: Znode cleanup throws auth exception in secure mode.

  • HBASE-14591: Region with reference hfile may split after a forced split in IncreasingToUpperBoundRegionSplitPolicy.

  • HBASE-14605: Split fails due to 'No valid credentials' error when SecureBulkLoadEndpoint#start tries to access hdfs.

  • HBASE-14621: ReplicationLogCleaner stuck on RS crash.

  • HBASE-14624: BucketCache.freeBlock is too expensive.

  • HBASE-14631: Region merge request should be audited with request user through proper scope of doAs() calls to region observer notifications.

  • HBASE-14632: Region server aborts due to unguarded dereference of Reader.

  • HBASE-14680: Two configs for snapshot timeout and better defaults.

  • HBASE-14706: RegionLocationFinder should return multiple servernames by top host.

  • HBASE-14759: Avoid using Math.abs when selecting SyncRunner in FSHLog.

  • HBASE-14788: Splitting a region does not support the hbase.rs.evictblocksonclose config when closing source region.

  • HBASE-14799: Commons-collections object deserialization remote command execution vulnerability.

  • HBASE-14809: Grant / revoke Namespace admin permission to group.

  • HBASE-14885: NullPointerException in HMaster#normalizeRegions() due to missing TableDescriptor.

  • HBASE-14893: Race between mutation on region and region closing operation leads to NotServingRegionException.

HDP 2.3.2 provided HBase 1.1.2 and the following Apache patches:

  • HBASE-14258 Make region_mover.rb script case insensitive with regard to hostname

  • HBASE-14258 Make region_mover.rb script case insensitive with regard to hostname

  • HBASE-14269 FuzzyRowFilter omits certain rows when multiple fuzzy key exist

  • HBASE-14302 TableSnapshotInputFormat should not create back references when restoring snapshot

  • HBASE-14313 After a Connection sees ConnectionClosingException it never recovers

  • HBASE-14449 Rewrite deadlock prevention for concurrent connection close

  • HBASE-14474 DeadLock in RpcClientImpl.Connection.close()

HDP 2.3.0 provided HBase 1.1.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • HBASE-11658 Piped commands to HBase shell should return non-zero if shell command failed

  • HBASE-11940 Add utility scripts for snapshotting / restoring all tables in cluster