HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides Phoenix 4.4.0-HBase-1.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • PHOENIX-1277: CSVCommonsLoader not allowing null CHAR values (non PK).

  • PHOENIX-1734: Local index improvements.

  • PHOENIX-1975: Detect and use HBASE_HOME when set.

  • PHOENIX-2014: WHERE search condition ignored when also using row value constructor in view.

  • PHOENIX-2027: Subqueries with no data are raising IllegalStateException.

  • PHOENIX-2029: Queries are making two rpc calls for getTable.

  • PHOENIX-2030: CsvBulkLoadTool should use logical name of the table for output directory suffix.

  • PHOENIX-2040: Mark spark/scala dependencies as 'provided'.

  • PHOENIX-2059: MR index build does not handle table with a schema name correctly.

  • PHOENIX-2087: Ensure predictable column position during alter table.

  • PHOENIX-2118: Remove/modify usages of Guava StopWatch and deprecated ComparisonChain methods.

  • PHOENIX-2125: ORDER BY on full PK on salted table does not work.

  • PHOENIX-2139: LIKE '%' is not filtering out null columns.

  • PHOENIX-2141: ComparisonExpression should return Boolean null if either operand is null.

  • PHOENIX-2149: MAX Value of Sequences not honored when closing Connection between calls to NEXT VALUE FOR.

  • PHOENIX-2205: Group by a divided value (e.g., time/10) returns NULL.

  • PHOENIX-2207: Load scanner caches in parallel when using stats and round robin iterator.

  • PHOENIX-2238: Bulk dataload Hive data with \001 delimiter.

  • PHOENIX-2274: Sort-merge join could not optimize out the sort on the right table.

  • PHOENIX-2313: TypeMismatchException thrown while querying a table that has an index with a Boolean (BUG-46167).

  • PHOENIX-2359: Configuration for PQS to use Protobuf serialization instead of JSON.

  • PHOENIX-2369: Some UDF tests failed due to not finding Hadoop classpath.

  • PHOENIX-2372: Check for null before passing value to Calendar.

  • PHOENIX-2448: Fix quoting for sqlline-thin.py on Windows.

  • PHOENIX-2449: QueryServer needs Hadoop configuration on classpath with Kerberos.

  • PHOENIX-2477: ClassCastException in IndexedWALEditCodec after HBASE-14501.

HDP 2.3.2 provided Phoenix 4.4.0-HBase-1.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • PHOENIX-1659 PHOENIXDatabaseMetaData.getColumns does not return REMARKS column.

  • PHOENIX-1978 UDF ArgumentTypeMismatchException.

  • PHOENIX-2011 Default, min, and max values should not require quotes around it in create function.

  • PHOENIX-2022 BaseRegionScanner.next should be abstract.

  • PHOENIX-2066 Existing client fails initialization due to upgrade attempting to create column with no name.

  • PHOENIX-2073 Two bytes character in LIKE expression is not allowed.

  • PHOENIX-2074 StackOverflowError with RoundRobinResultIterator.

  • PHOENIX-2075 MR integration uses single mapper unless table is salted.

  • PHOENIX-2096 Tweak criteria for when round robin iterator is used.

  • PHOENIX-2131 CastParseNode.toSQL omits closing parenthesis.

  • PHOENIX-2151 Two different UDFs called on same column return values from first UDF only.

  • PHOENIX-2254 zookeeper.znode.parent value is not taking affect in MR integration job.

HDP 2.3.0 provided Phoenix 4.4.0-HBase-1.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • PHOENIX-1395 ResultSpooler spill files are left behind in /tmp folder.

  • PHOENIX-1976 Exit gracefully if addShutdownHook fails.

  • PHOENIX-1980 CsvBulkLoad cannot load hbase-site.xml from classpath

  • PHOENIX-1995 client uberjar doesn't support dfs

  • PHOENIX-1996 Use BytesStringer instead of ZeroCopyByteString

  • PHOENIX-2005 Connection utilities omit zk client port, parent znode

  • PHOENIX-2005 Connection utilities omit zk client port, parent znode (addendum)

  • PHOENIX-2007 java.sql.SQLException: Encountered exception in sub plan [0] execution'

  • PHOENIX-2010 Properly validate number of arguments passed to the functions in FunctionParseNode#validate

  • PHOENIX-2012 RowKeyComparisonFilter logs unencoded data at DEBUG level

  • PHOENIX-2013 Apply PHOENIX-1995 to runnable uberjar as well

  • PHOENIX-2027 Queries with Hints are raising IllegalStateException

  • PHOENIX-2031 Unable to process timestamp/Date data loaded via PHOENIX org.apache.PHOENIX.pig.PHOENIXHBaseLoader.

  • PHOENIX-2032 psql.py is broken after PHOENIX-2013

  • PHOENIX-2033 PQS log environment details on launch

  • PHOENIX-2063 Row value constructor doesn't work when used in COUNT.

  • PHOENIX-2181 HPOENIXHBaseLoader doesn't work with salted tables.

  • PHOENIX-914 Native HBase timestamp support to optimize date range queries in Phoenix