HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides Calcite 1.2.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • CALCITE-259: Using sub-queries in CASE statement against JDBC tables generates invalid Oracle SQL.

  • CALCITE-429: Add statistics SPI for lattic optimization algorithm.

  • CALCITE-522: In remote JDBC driver, transmit static database properties as a map.

  • CALCITE-585: Avatica JDBC methods should throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

  • CALCITE-645: Pass server-side exceptions back to the client.

  • CALCITE-661: Remote fetch in Calcite JDBC driver.

  • CALCITE-671: ByteString does not deserialize properly as a FetchRequest parameterValue.

  • CALCITE-677: RemoteDriverTest.testTypeHandling fails east of Greenwich.

  • CALCITE-687: Make RemoteDriverTest thread-safe.

  • CALCITE-699: In Avatica, synchronize access to Calendar.

  • CALCITE-705: DML in Avatica, and split Execute out from Fetch request.

  • CALCITE-708: Avatica and Calcite to support DatabaseMetaData getTypeInfo.

  • CALCITE-712: Avatica statement execute return all resultset instead of MaxRows from setMaxRows.

  • CALCITE-717: Compare BINARY and VARBINARY on unsigned byte values.

  • CALCITE-718: Enable fetch to work for Statement.execute().

  • CALCITE-728: Test suite hangs on Windows.

  • CALCITE-730: ClassCastException in table from CloneSchema.

  • CALCITE-741: Dependencies should not be empty.

  • CALCITE-765: RPC server returns JSON data with Content-Type set to text/html.

  • CALCITE-780: HTTP error 413 when sending a long string to the Avatica server.

  • CALCITE-789: MetaImpl.MetaCatalog should expose TABLE_CAT instead of TABLE_CATALOG.

  • CALCITE-795: Loss of precision when sending a decimal number via the remote JSON service.

  • CALCITE-813: Upgrade updateCount, maxRows from int to long.

  • CALCITE-825: Allow user to specify sort order of an ArrayTable.

  • CALCITE-840: Protobuf transport for Avatica.

  • CALCITE-843: AvaticaConnection.getAutoCommit throws NullPointerException.

  • CALCITE-865: NullPointerException in getTables with PostgreSQL.

  • CALCITE-866: Create documentation for RPC message format(s).

  • CALCITE-871: JdbcResultSet returns incomplete Frame with "default" statement ID.

  • CALCITE-903: Enable client to recover from missing server-side state.

  • CALCITE-905: getTables returns empty result in JdbcMeta.

  • CALCITE-906: Avatica JDbcMeta statement IDs are not unique.

  • CALCITE-908: Bump protobuf dependency to protobuf-3.0.0-beta-1.

  • CALCITE-910: Improve handling of ARRAY, MULTISET, STRUCT types.

  • CALCITE-912: Pass URL connection properties to avatica server.

  • CALCITE-913: Avatica: transport of array fields fails.

  • CALCITE-914: Missing JsonSubType for ExecuteResponse.

  • CALCITE-919: ArithmeticException when querying against decimal field.

  • CALCITE-921: ClassCastException byte[] to String with protobuf.

  • CALCITE-927: ColumnsRequest Service call doesn't "fix" ResultSetResponse.

  • CALCITE-951: Print the server-side stack in the local exception.

  • CALCITE-962: Server-side exception (stack trace) not propagated in JdbcMeta.propagate.

  • CALCITE-983: NPE in ErrorResponse construction.

  • CALCITE-989: Provide generic server metadata in responses.

HDP 2.3.2 provided Calcite 1.2.0, with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.3.0 provided Calcite 1.2.0, with no additional Apache patches.