HDP-2.3.4 Release Notes
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Hortonworks strongly recommends that all users running HDP 2.3.4 upgrade to HDP

HDP 2.3.4 provides Flume 1.5.2 and the following Apache patches:

HDP 2.3.2 provided Flume 1.5.2, with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.3.0 provided Flume 1.5.2 and the following Apache patches:


  • FLUME-1734 Hive Sink based on the new Hive Streaming support

  • FLUME-2442 Need an alternative to providing clear text passwords in flume config

Kafka Sink (preview)

  • FLUME-2251 Add support for Kafka Sink

  • FLUME-2454 Support batchSize to allow multiple events per transaction to the Kafka Sink

  • FLUME-2455 Documentation update for Kafka Sink

  • FLUME-2470 Kafka Sink and Source must use camel case for all configs.

  • FLUME-2499 Include Kafka Message Key in Event Header, Updated Comments

Kafka Source


  • FLUME-2095 JMS source with TIBCO (patch-1)

  • FLUME-2226 Refactor BlobHandler out of morphline sink and into HTTP source

  • FLUME-2227 Move BlobDeserializer from Morphline Sink to flume-ng-core

  • FLUME-2337 export JAVA_HOME in flume-env.sh.template and increase heap size

  • FLUME-2450 Improve replay index insertion speed

  • FLUME-2511 Allow configuration of enabled protocols in Avro source and Rpc client

  • FLUME-2586 HDFS Sink should have an option to try rename even if close fails

  • FLUME-2595 Add option to checkpoint on file channel shutdown

  • FLUME-2624 Streaming ingest performance improvement

  • FLUME-2662 Upgrade to Commons-IO 2.4

  • FLUME-2663 Address Build warnings of duplicate dependencies listed

  • FLUME-2665 Update documentation for hdfs.closeTries based on FLUME-2586


  • FLUME-2122 Minor cleanups of User guide

  • FLUME-2123 Morphline Solr sink missing short type name

  • FLUME-2162 TestHDFSEventSinkOnMiniCluster.maxUnderReplicationTest fails on hadoop2

  • FLUME-2175 Update Developer Guide with notes on how to upgrade Protocol Buffer version

  • FLUME-2358 File Channel needs to close BackingStore and EventQueue before deleting files in checkpoint directory

  • FLUME-2402 Warning seen when overflow is disabled for Spillable Channel

  • FLUME-2407 Spillable Channel sometimes fails on reconfigure

  • FLUME-2412 Improve Logging in Spillable Channel

  • FLUME-2441 Unit test TestHTTPSource.java failed with IBM JDK 1.7

  • FLUME-2451 HDFS Sink Cannot Reconnect After NameNode Restart

  • FLUME-2501 Updating HttpClient lib version to ensure compatibility with Solr

  • FLUME-2520 HTTP Source should be able to block a prefixed set of protocols.

  • FLUME-2530 Resource leaks found by Coverity tool

  • FLUME-2533 HTTPS tests fail on Java 6

  • FLUME-2541 Bug in TestBucketWriter.testSequenceFileCloseRetries