SmartSense Administration Guide
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SmartSense HST Server Placement

One node in the cluster must be designated as the HST server, as this component consolidates all of the HST Agent's collected data together into a single downloadable file, referred to as a "bundle". For this functionality, the HST Server must be setup on a node in the HDP cluster where inbound access to the preferred HTTP(S) server port is accessible. The HST Server will listen on the configured HTTP(S) port chosen during setup.

It is preferred, however not required, that when installed outside of Ambari the HST Server node have passwordless root access via SSH to all HST Agent nodes in the cluster. This access will allow for single-click capture through the HST Server Web UI however if not available, captures can be performed from the CLI.

Administrators, and each HST Agent in the cluster must have network access to the HST Server. This connectivity is required for agents to consolidate their data, and for Hadoop administrators to download completed bundles. To set up the HST Server instance, run the following command and follow the instructions below. The entries that need to be supplied based on the specific environment are referenced in bold {}’s. Initiate the HST setup wizard with the following command:

# hst setup

Welcome to Hortonworks SmartSense Tool
Enter Account Name: Enter your Account Name from Hortonworks Support Portal
Enter SmartSense ID: Enter Your SmartSense ID from Support Portal
Enter notification email
: Email address where the SmartSense notifications should to be sent
Enter storage directory (minimum: 10 GB, default: /usr/hdp/share/hst/hst-server/data): Preferred local storage directory to store collected bundles
Web UI Port (default:9000): Preferred port number
Enable Web UI SSL (Enabling requires a certificate)? [y/n] (default: n): n
Looking for available JDKs at /usr/jdk64
Enter java home directory: Path to java home
Enter Cluster Name: HDP Cluster Name
Is "{Cluster Name}" cluster secured? [y/n] (default: n): Enter y if Kerberos is enabled

This setup command can be run any number of times. Each invocation will automatically restart the HST Server to allow the new changes to take effect.

HST server uses a storage directory (default: /usr/hdp/share/hst/hst-server/data) to store all collected bundles. The minimum recommendation size of that directory is 10GB. In order to change that restriction, change the configuration property min_required_storage in the /etc/hst/conf/hst-server.ini file.