SmartSense Administration Guide
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Enable Capture Through UI

To enable this feature, passwordless root SSH access is required from the HST Server to all agents in the cluster. If passwordless root SSH access is not available, the HST Agent CLI Capture process must be used. To configure HST for Web UI capture, follow the steps below:

  1. Edit the /etc/hst/conf/hst-server.ini file. The [client] section contains two properties that need to be updated to enable remote capture:

    ; thread pool maximums
    ; Password-less SSH enabled or not
    ; SSH key for data capture

    The password_less_ssh.enabled property should be set to true in an SSH environment that uses a single private key on the HST Server, with the corresponding public key distributed in the authorized_keys file on all HST Agents.

    The sshkey.path is used in an SSH environment where there is a distributed private key on all HST Agents. For this scenario, the property should be set to the path of the private key to use. For example: /root/.ssh/id_rsa.

  2. Once the appropriate properties have been updated, restart the HST Server using the following command:

    # hst restart