CDP Private Cloud Data Services overview

Review the installation requirements and core tasks for installing CDP Private Cloud. CDP Private Cloud Data Services works on top of CDP Private Cloud Base and is the on-premise offering of CDP that brings many of the benefits of the public cloud deployments to the on-premise CDP deployments. CDP Private Cloud Data Services lets you deploy and use the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), and Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Data Services.

You must install CDP Private Cloud Data Services on an existing deployment of CDP Private Cloud Base. To install CDP Private Cloud, you need an isolated hardware environment with dedicated infrastructure and networking. CDP Private Cloud Data Services uses containers on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

You can install CDP Private Cloud Base on virtual machines or bare-metal hardware. CDP Private Cloud Base provides the following components and services that are used by CDP Private Cloud Data Services:

  • SDX Data Lake cluster for security, metadata, and governance
  • HDFS or Ozone for storage
  • Cloudera Runtime components such as Ranger, Atlas, and Hive Metastore (HMS)
  • Networking infrastructure that supports network traffic between storage and compute environments