CDP Private Cloud Data Services Release Notes

Release notes are regularly updated for the projects that make up CDP Private Cloud Data Services.

Data Services

CDP Private Cloud Data Services

The framework that lets you deploy and use the growing collection of Cloudera data services.

Cloudera Manager for Private Cloud Data Services

Cloudera Manager helps manage, configure, and monitor Cloudera Data Services.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering helps you submit Spark jobs to autoscaling clusters.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse helps you create independent data warehouses and data marts that scale to meet your workload demands.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning unifies self-service data science and data engineering for multi-function analytics on data anywhere.

Management Console

Management Console is the administrative interface to CDP. Manage environments, data lakes, resources, and users across all CDP services.

Replication Manager

Use Replication Manager to copy and migrate HDFS data and Hive external tables between CDP Private Cloud Base clusters.