Data Services Release Notes

CDP Private Cloud Data Services includes Management Console, Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) and Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE). Learn about the new features and improvements in each of these services.

New features and improvements in this version of CDP Private Cloud Data Services:

  • Resolved a number of critical CVEs to facilitate easier InfoSec approvals.
  • The installer now pre-validates that hardware and software on the cluster nodes meets specifications before the actual installation steps.
  • Introduction of a Data Recovery Service for backup and restore of the Control Plane and CDW.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting – Greater visibility into the K8s storage layer through visibility into Longhorn logs.
  • Stability – Longhorn stability enhancements.
  • Scale, performance, and longevity testing of Impala and Spark (CDE) on an 80-node CDP Private Cloud Data Services cluster.
  • Lower minimum hardware requirements to address the industry-wide chip shortage.
  • Migration automation:
    • CDSW on Private Cloud Base to CDP Private Cloud Data Services CML migration tool (preview)
    • Spark on Private Cloud Base to CDP Private Cloud Data Services Spark in CDE via a spark-submit drop in migration tool.
  • New platform certifications:
    • Platform certification of OCP 4.10, CentOS 8.6, RHEL 8.6
    • K8s 1.23 platform-wide support (OCP 4.10 & ECS with K8s 1.23)
  • Impala and Spark (CDE) integration with Iceberg v1 on HDFS
  • CML Model Registry
  • CDW Unified Analytics

Release notes for component services: