Fixed Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.4.2

Fixed issues in Cloudera Manager 7.4.2

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-19693: 255 column limit in XLS export from Operational Reports

Fixed an issue where the 256-column limit prevented reports exported to Excel that exceeded this limit from being saved as an XLS file type (for example, Historical Disk Usage By User).This export feature now uses the XLSX format, which raises the limit to 16384.

Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-58447: Improve Replication Manager to collect Hive replication metrics from source cluster
History for Hive On Tez replication now shows BOTH the target metrics as well as the source metrics. Formerly, only the target metrics were included. The History contains a new field named 'Origin', this field will be SOURCE or TARGET depending on whether the metrics originated from the source Hive On Tez or the target Hive On Tez.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-59294: org.scala-lang:scala-library has been upgraded
org.scala-lang:scala-library has been upgraded to version 2.10.0
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-59675: Generate secure configuration for Streams Replication Manager control (client config)
A new type of External Accounts was introduced to support secure management of connection credentials of external Kafka clusters.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60135: HTTPS Proxy Protocol fails due to asynchttpclient
Fixed an issue where setting 'HTTPS' Proxy Protocol for the proxy server in Cloudera Manager > Parcels > Parcel Repository & Network Settings >Proxy Protocol fails with the following error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant org.asynchttpc4lient.proxy.ProxyType.HTTPS at java.lang.Enum.valueOf( at org.asynchttpclient.proxy.ProxyType.valueOf( at com.cloudera.server.cmf.ArtifactDownloaderHelper.getProxyServer(
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60175: Internal error in Directory Usage Report
Fixed the ‘Internal error processing filesearch2' error in the Directory Usage Report when setting a HDFS quota in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60194: Hue HaProvider is missing from cdp-proxy Knox topology
Hue is now be added to the cdp-proxy topology
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60264: Create Ranger audit logs in HDFS for Schema Registry
The ranger-audit configuration for Schema Registry did not contain an entry for defining where the audit files will be stored in HDFS. When xasecure.audit.destination.hdfs was set to true, this caused a silent failure in Ranger and no files would be written to HDFS. This issue has now been fixed and the audit files are being created on HDFS.
Cloudera Bug: OPSAPS-60454:Cloudera Manager should add existing users to groups specified by a parcel
Fixed an issue in which user-group mappings specified via parcel was created properly if the service users already exist. Cloudera Manager now adds existing users to groups as appropriate.
OPSAPS-59555: HBase validation "Regions In Transition" should be disabled for backup master
Cloudera Manager was trying to execute "Regions in Transition" validations for backup (standby) HBase Masters in highly available deployments. This validation was always unsuccessful, as the related metrics are exposed only by the active HBase Master. This validation is now disabled for the backup HBase Master.
OPSAPS-59562, OPSAPS-59229: SMM YAML configuration uses plain-text passwords
Previously, Streams Messaging Manager passwords were stored in its configuration file as plain-text. The passwords are now assigned as environment variables.