What's New in Cloudera Manager 7.4.0

New features and changed behavior for Cloudera Manager 7.4.0.

OPSAPS-59456: Add --shutDownCluster parameter for HBaseGracefulShutdownCommand
Changed the HBase graceful-stop command to include the --shutDownCluster parameter.
OPSAPS-59386: Ability to override JDBC connection string for SchemaRegistry and SMM
The database_jdbc_url_override configuration parameter has been added to Schema Registry and Streams Messaging Manager (SMM). This parameter overrides the JDBC URL of the database and allows you to pass specific parameters if necessary.
OPSAPS-57938: Kafka CSD improvements to automate configuration of Kafka-Atlas hook
Two new configuration fields have been introduced to the Kafka service:
  • atlas.metadata.namespace.topic
  • atlas.metadata.namespace.client
A new configuration field has been introduced to the Kafka Broker: atlas.audit.enabled. This parameter enables the Kafka -> Atlas auditing plugin. The plugin is autoconfigured and is disabled by default.

Third-party software updates

OPSAPS-59284: The org.apache.commons:commons-compress library is updgrade dto version 1.19 due to a CVE.
The commons-compress library has been upgraded to version 1.19.
OPSAPS-54389: Jython library upgraded to version 2.7.2 due to CVE
The Jython library has been upgraded to version 2.7.2.