What's new in Cloudera Data Engineering Private Cloud

This release of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) on CDP Private Cloud 1.5.3 includes the following feature:

Support for Spark 3.4 on CDP Base 7.1.8

CDE supports using the Spark 3.4 version when creating a virtual cluster on CDP Base 7.1.8. For more information, see Compatibility for Cloudera Data Engineering and Runtime components.

The following connectors are certified for Spark 3.4 on 7.1.8:
  • HDFS - reading and writing HDFS tables
  • Hive table Parquet storage - reading and writing Hive tables

  • Hive table ORC storage - reading and writing Hive tables

  • Ranger - table-level access controls

Kubernetes 1.26 support

  • CDE now supports Kubernetes 1.26.
  • You can upgrade to the Kubernetes 1.26 cluster through the CDE supported upgrade path.