Configuring Altus Director to Use Custom Tag Names on AWS

In addition to user-specified tags, Altus Director automatically adds certain tags to the AWS resources it creates, including EC2 and RDS instances, EBS volumes, and Spot instance requests. Where applicable, the added tags include the resource name, the unique identifier that Altus Director assigns to the resource, and the name of the template that was used to create the resource.

In some environments, the tag names that Altus Director uses can conflict with tag names used for other purposes, so it is possible to customize the tag names. To do so, add the following section to etc/aws-plugin.conf:
customTagMappings {
   Name: custom-tag-name-for-resource-name,
   Cloudera-Director-Id: custom-tag-name-for-resource-id,
   Cloudera-Director-Template-Name: custom-tag-name-for-resource-template-name

Using the New Mappings

Once the custom tag mappings have been added to the configuration file, restart the Altus Director server so that they are detected and used.