Setting Altus Director Properties

This topic lists the configuration properties recognized by Altus Director. Upon installation, these properties are pre-configured with reasonable default values, and you can run either client or server versions without specifying any of them. However, you might want to customize one or more properties, depending on your environment and the Altus Director features you want to use.

Setting Configuration Properties

The Altus Director command line provides the simplest way to specify a configuration property. For example:

./bin/cloudera-director bootstrap-remote aws.simple.conf \
--lp.pipeline.retry.maxWaitBetweenAttempts=60 ...

While the files are located on the Altus Director EC2 instance at /etc/cloudera-director-client/ for the client, and /etc/cloudera-director-server/, you can see an example of the files on Cloudera's GitHub site, showing the configuration properties.

For users upgrading Altus Director

If you modified the file in Altus Director, the result of an upgrade depends on the version of Linux you are using:
  • RHEL and CentOS - When new properties are introduced in Altus Director, they are added to The original file functions as before and is not overwritten with the new Altus Director version properties. You do not need to copy the new properties from to the old file.
  • Ubuntu - The modified Altus Director file is backed up to a file named The original file is then overwritten by the new file containing new Altus Director properties. After upgrading, copy your changes from to the new file.

All the new properties are commented, and they all use valid defaults, so you do not necessarily need to merge the two properties files. But you must merge the two files if you want to modify one of the newly introduced properties.

Property Types

Type Description
boolean Either true or false
char Single character
directory Valid directory path
enum Fixed set of string values; a list of each enumeration’s values is provided following the main property table below
enum list Comma-separated list of enums
file Valid file path
int Integer (32-bit)
long Long integer (64-bit)
string Ordinary character string