Configuring Storage for Altus Director

Altus Director requires data storage for the information it keeps about deployments, database servers, users, CDH clusters, and Cloudera Manager instances.

By default, Altus Director stores data in an embedded H2 database file named state.h2.db located within the filesystem where the Altus Director server runs:
However, Cloudera does not recommend using the embedded H2 database file in a production environment. Using the embedded H2 database file in a production deployment can result in excessive space consumption, slow database access, or corruption, which can put your Altus Director deployment at risk of data loss.
Instead of the embedded H2 database file, Cloudera strongly recommends that you set up an external database for Altus Director production deployments. You can set up one of the following database servers to store Altus Director data for production deployments:
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB

When you set up a MySQL or MariaDB database, you can configure Altus Director to encrypt the data stored in the database. You can also configure secure communication between the Altus Director sever and the Altus Director database.

For information about encrypting data stored in the Altus Director database, see Altus Director Database Encryption.

For information about configuring secure communication between Altus Director and the Altus Director database, see Enabling TLS with Altus Director, and especially the section Enabling TLS for the Altus Director Database.