Deploying Clusters in an Existing Environment

If you already configured an environment, you can easily deploy a new cluster:

  1. Log in to Altus Director. For example,
  2. Click Add Cluster, and then select an environment from the Environment list box. .
  3. Select a Cloudera Manager from the Cloudera Manager list box.
  4. To clone an existing cluster, select Clone from existing and select a cluster. To specify cluster settings, select Create from scratch.
  5. Enter a name for the cluster in the Cluster name field.
  6. Enter the version of CDH to deploy in the Version field or leave the default value. By default, the version of CDH that will be installed depends on the version of Altus Director you are using:
    • If you are using Altus Director 2.0, the latest released version of Cloudera Manager/CDH 5.5 will be installed by default.
    • If you are using Altus Director 2.1, the latest released version of Cloudera Manager/CDH 5.7 will be installed by default.
    To install an earlier or later version of CDH than the default version, perform the following steps:
    1. Enter the desired CDH version in the Version field of the Products section. For example, for CDH 5.4.8 enter 5.4.8.
    2. Scroll down to Configurations (optional) and expand the section.
    3. Click Override default parcel repositories.
    4. Enter the repository parcel URL for the version of CDH you want to install. Parcel URLs for versions of CDH 5 take the form, followed by the major, minor, and (if applicable) dot release number. For example, the URL for CDH 5.4.8 is
  7. Select the type of cluster to deploy from Services.
  8. Select the numbers of masters, workers, and gateways to deploy. Then, select an instance template for each or create one or more new templates.
  9. When you are finished, click Continue. When prompted for confirmation, click OK to confirm.

    Altus Director begins deploying the cluster.