Using Custom Repositories with Cloudera Manager and CDH

You can create a custom repository to use when deploying Cloudera Manager and CDH, for example, if your organization restricts internet access to the Cloudera repositories, or if you wish to use custom AMIs preloaded with Cloudera Manager packages and CDH parcels.

Creating a Custom Repository

See Creating and Using a Package Repository for Cloudera Manager in the Cloudera Manager documentation for instructions and a link for downloading the Cloudera Manager repository for various operating systems. Following these instructions will ensure that your repository is created with the required directory structure. Be sure to choose an operating system that is supported by Altus Director.

Creating a Cloudera Manager and CDH AMI

For clusters running on AWS EC2 instances, you can reduce cluster bootstrap times by preloading the AMI with Cloudera Manager packages and CDH parcel files. For information on creating AMIs preloaded with Cloudera Manager packages and CDH parcels for use by Altus Director see the file on the Cloudera GitHub site.