Configuring Tools for Your Google Cloud Platform Account

Before installing Altus Director, Cloudera recommends that you configure some tools for your Google Cloud Platform account.
  1. Create a service account for Altus Director.
  2. Create an SSH key.
  3. Set up gcloud compute.

Creating a Service Account for Altus Director

A service account enables Altus Director to authenticate to various Google Cloud Platform services, such as Google Cloud Storage. To create a service account, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the Google Compute Engine API is enabled. In the Google Cloud Platform console for your project, click API Manager.
  2. Click Compute Engine API (under Google Cloud APIs).
  3. If not already enabled, click Enable API.
  4. At the prompt, click Enable Billing.
  5. At the prompt, select the billing account and click Set account.

    A status displays, showing that the Google Compute Engine API is enabling.

    Sample status screen showing the Google Compute Engine API is enabling.

  6. Click API Manager..
  7. In the API Manager menu, click Credentials.
  8. In the Credentials screen, click New credentials > Service account key.
  9. In the Create service account key screen, click JSON and click Create.
    Sample key type selection image.

    You are prompted to save the JSON file to your local machine. Note the location where you download this file. You will be prompted to select this file later, when you create an environment in Altus Director.

Creating and Uploading an SSH Key

To SSH into an instance using your own terminal (as opposed to the Google Cloud Platform console), you must generate and upload an SSH key.

  1. Generate an SSH key using the following command:
    $ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/my_gcp_keyname -t rsa

    This generates a public/private key pair.

  2. In the Compute Engine menu, click Metadata.
    Sample menu for Google Compute screen.

  3. Click the SSH Keys tab and click Add SSH Keys.
  4. Copy your key data into the input box in the following format:
    protocol public-key-data
  5. Click Save. Your public key is now available to all instances in the project.

Installing gcloud compute

Cloudera recommends installing the gcloud compute command-line tool because it allows you to manage your Google Compute Engine resources more easily. To install and configure gcloud compute, follow the instructions at gcloud compute.

You are ready to create a new VM instance within your project.