Installing Hive

Install the appropriate Hive packages using the appropriate command for your distribution.

RedHat and CentOS systems

$ sudo yum install <pkg1> <pkg2> ...

SLES systems

$ sudo zypper install <pkg1> <pkg2> ...

Ubuntu and Debian systems

$ sudo apt-get install <pkg1> <pkg2> ...

The packages are:

  • hive – base package that provides the complete language and runtime
  • hive-metastore – provides scripts for running the metastore as a standalone service (optional)
  • hive-server2 – provides scripts for running HiveServer2
  • hive-hbase - optional; install this package if you want to use Hive with HBase.

Configuration Step for WebHCat

If you want to use WebHCat, you need to set the PYTHON_CMD variable in /etc/default/hive-webhcat-server after installing Hive; for example:
export PYTHON_CMD=/usr/bin/python