Prerequisites for Cloudera Search QuickStart Scenarios

Before installing Search, install Cloudera Manager and a CDH cluster. The scenario in this guide works with CDH 5.6.x and Cloudera Manager 5.6.x. The script and supporting files are included with CDH. Install Cloudera Manager, CDH, and Solr using the Cloudera Manager and CDH QuickStart Guide.

The primary services that the Search Quick Start depends on are:
  • HDFS: Stores data. Deploy on all hosts.
  • ZooKeeper: Coordinates Solr hosts. Deploy on one host. Use default port 2181. The examples refer to a machine named search-zk. You may want to give your Zookeeper machine this name to simplify reusing content exactly as it appears in this document. If you choose a different name, you must adjust some commands accordingly.
  • Solr with SolrCloud: Provides search services such as document indexing and querying. Deploy on two hosts.
  • Hue: Includes the Search application, which you can use to complete search queries. Deploy Hue on one host.

After you have completed the installation processes outlined in the Cloudera Manager Quick Start Guide, you can Load and Index Data in Search.