Installing Mahout

You can install Mahout from an RPM or Debian package, or from a tarball. Installing from packages is more convenient than installing the tarball because the packages:
  • Handle dependencies
  • Provide for easy upgrades
  • Automatically install resources to conventional locations

These instructions assume that you will install from packages if possible.

To install Mahout on a RHEL system:

$ sudo yum install mahout

To install Mahout on a SLES system:

$ sudo zypper install mahout

To install Mahout on an Ubuntu or Debian system:

$ sudo apt-get install mahout

To access Mahout documentation:

The Mahout docs are bundled in a mahout-doc package that should be installed separately.
$ sudo apt-get install mahout-doc
The contents of this package are saved under /usr/share/doc/mahout*.