Upgrading Sqoop 2 from an Earlier CDH 5 Release

These instructions assume that you are upgrading Sqoop 2 as part of an upgrade to the latest CDH 5 release, and have already performed the steps under Upgrading from an Earlier CDH 5 Release to the Latest Release.

For more detailed instructions for upgrading Sqoop 2, see the Apache Sqoop Upgrade page.

To upgrade Sqoop 2 from an earlier CDH 5 release, proceed as follows:
  1. Install the new version of Sqoop 2 following directions under Installing Sqoop 2.
  2. If you are running MRv1 on CDH 5 Beta 1 and will continue to run it after upgrading:
    1. Update /etc/defaults/sqoop2-server to point to MR1:
      mv /etc/defaults/sqoop2-server.rpmnew /etc/defaults/sqoop2-server
    2. Update alternatives:
      alternatives --set sqoop2-tomcat-conf /etc/sqoop2/tomcat-conf.mr1
  3. Run the upgrade tool:
    sqoop2-tool upgrade
    This upgrades the repository database to the latest version.