Cloudera Navigator Data Management Component User Roles

User roles determine the Cloudera Navigator features visible to the user and the actions the user can perform.

The menus displayed in the upper right indicates the user's access to Cloudera Navigator features, as determined by the roles associated with the user's LDAP or Active Directory groups. For example, a user that belongs to a group with the Full Administrator role will see the Search, Audits, Analytics, Policies, and Administration tabs, while a user that belongs to a group with the Policy Administrator role will only see the Search, Analytics (metadata), and Policies tabs.

User Roles

A Cloudera Navigator data management component user account can be assigned one of the following user roles with associated permissions:
  • Auditing Viewer - View audit events and audit analytics and create audit reports.
  • Full Administrator - Full access, including role assignments to groups.
  • Lineage Viewer - Search for entities, view metadata, and view lineage and metadata analytics.
  • Metadata Administrator - Search for entities, view metadata, view lineage, view metadata analytics, edit custom metadata, edit managed metadata.
  • Policy Administrator - Search for entities, view metadata, edit metadata and metadata policies, configure and perform command actions, and view metadata analytics.
  • Policy Viewer - View metadata policies.
  • User Administrator - Administer role assignments to groups.
The user roles and associated permissions are summarized as follows:


User role

View analytics

View audit events and create reports

View lineage

Search metadata

Edit custom metadata

Edit managed metadata

View policies

Edit policies

Configure and perform command actions

role group mapping

View maintenance history

Start maintenance job


(Audit analytics)  
Full Administrator (All analytics)


(Metadata analytics)


(Metadata analytics)


(Metadata analytics)


User Administrator

Determining the Roles of the Currently Logged in User

To display the Cloudera Navigator user roles for the currently logged-in user:

  1. In the upper right, select username > My Roles. The Roles pop-up window displays all roles assigned to the LDAP or Active Directory groups to which the current user belongs.
  2. Click Close to dismiss the window.