Installing the Cloudera Navigator Data Management Component

Minimum Required Role: Full Administrator

The Cloudera Navigator data management component is implemented as two roles in the Cloudera Management Service: Navigator Audit Server and Navigator Metadata Server. You can add Cloudera Navigator data management roles while installing Cloudera Manager for the first time or into an existing Cloudera Manager installation. For information on compatible Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Manager versions, see the Product Compatibility Matrix for Cloudera Navigator product compatibility matrix.

Configuring a Database for the Cloudera Navigator

When you install the Cloudera Navigator data management component you choose a database to store audit events and policy, role, and audit report metadata. You can choose either an embedded PostgreSQL database or an external database. For information on supported databases, see Supported Databases. For information on setting up an external database, see Cloudera Manager and Managed Service Datastores.

Adding Cloudera Navigator Roles in a New Cloudera Manager Installation

  1. Install Cloudera Manager following the instructions in Cloudera Manager Deployment.
  2. In the first page of the Cloudera Manager installation wizard, choose one of the license options that support Cloudera Navigator:
    • Cloudera Enterprise Enterprise Data Hub Edition Trial
    • Cloudera Enterprise
      • Flex Edition
      • Enterprise Data Hub Edition
  3. If you elect Cloudera Enterprise, install a license:
    1. Click Upload License.
    2. Click the document icon to the left of the Select a License File text field.
    3. Go to the location of your license file, click the file, and click Open.
    4. Click Upload.
  4. Click Continue to proceed with the installation.
  5. In the first page of the Add Services procedure, check the Include Cloudera Navigator checkbox.
  6. If you have chosen to use an external database, provide the Cloudera Navigator Audit Server and Metadata Server database properties in the Database Setup page.

Adding Cloudera Navigator Data Management Roles in an Existing Cloudera Manager Installation

  1. Add and start the Cloudera Navigator roles: