Checking Consistency in HBase Tables

HBaseFsck (hbck) is a command-line tool that checks for region consistency and table integrity problems. It works in a read-only inconsistency identifying mode. Previously supported multi-phase read-write repair mode is deprecated and does not work.

The default and only supported mode is read-only inconsistency identification. In this mode, a report is generated but no repairs are attempted.

Running hbck Manually

The hbck command is located in the bin directory of the HBase installation directory. With no arguments, hbck checks HBase for inconsistencies and prints OK if no inconsistencies are found. If inconsistencies are found, it prints the number of inconsistencies.

With the -details argument, hbck checks HBase for inconsistencies and prints a detailed report.

To limit hbck to only checking specific tables, provide them as a space-separated list: hbck <table1> <table2>

For more details about the recent changes to hbck command, see the Changes of Note section of the HBase Reference Guide.

Unsupported Options

The following metadata repair options are not supported:
  • -fix
  • -fixAssignments
  • -fixMeta
  • -fixHdfsHoles
  • -fixHdfsOrphans
  • -fixTableOrphans
  • -fixHdfsOverlaps
  • -maxMerge <n>
  • -sidelineBigOverlaps
  • -maxOverlapsToSideline <n>
  • -fixSplitParents
  • -removeParents
  • -fixEmptyMetaCells
The following metadata repair shortcuts are unsupported:
  • -repair
  • -repairHoles