2. Install Flume

Flume is included in the HDP repository, but it is not installed automatically as part of the standard HDP installation process.

 2.1. Prerequisites

  1. The following Flume components have HDP component dependencies. You cannot use these Flume components if the dependencies are not installed.


    Table 13.1. Flume 1.4.0 Dependencies

    Flume 1.4.0 ComponentHDP Component Dependencies
    HDFS SinkHadoop 2.2.0
    HBase SinkHBase 0.96.1

    See HDP Deployment Options for more information.

  2. You must correctly set and export your JAVA_HOME environment variable for your operating system. See here for instructions on installing JDK.

 2.2. Installation

To install Flume, from a terminal window type:

  • For RHEL or CentOS

    yum install flume
    yum install flume-agent #This installs init scripts
  • For SLES

    zypper install flume
    zypper install flume-agent #This installs init scripts
  • For Ubuntu

    apt-get install flume
    apt-get install flume-agent #This installs init scripts

 2.3. Users

The installation process automatically sets up the appropriate flume user and flume group in the operating system.

 2.4. Directories

The main Flume files are located in /usr/lib/flume and the main configuration files are located in /etc/flume/conf.

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