8. Download Companion Files

We have provided a set of companion files, including script files and configuration files, that you should download and use throughout this process. Download and extract the files:

wget http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/tools/ 

Alternatively, you can also copy the contents to your ~/.bash_profile) to set up these environment variables in your environment.

The following provides a snapshot of a sample script file to create Hadoop directories. This sample script file sources the files included in Companion Files.


echo "Create datanode local dir"
mkdir -p $DFS_DATA_DIR;
chmod -R 750 $DFS_DATA_DIR;

echo "Create yarn local dir"
mkdir -p $YARN_LOCAL_DIR;
chmod -R 755 $YARN_LOCAL_DIR;

echo "Create yarn local log dir"
chmod -R 755 $YARN_LOCAL_LOG_DIR;

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