2.9. Set Services

  1. Open /etc/nagios/objects/hadoop-services.cfg with a text editor.

    This file contains service definitions for the following services: Ganglia, HBase (Master and Region), ZooKeeper, Hive, Templeton and Oozie

  2. Remove any services definitions for services you have not installed.

  3. Replace the parameter @NAGIOS_BIN@ and @STATUS_DAT@ parameters based on the operating system.

    [For RHEL and CentOS]
    @STATUS_DAT@ = /var/nagios/status.dat
    @NAGIOS_BIN@ = /usr/bin/nagios
    [For SLES]
    @STATUS_DAT@ = /var/lib/nagios/status.dat
    @NAGIOS_BIN@ = /usr/sbin/nagios
    [For Ubuntu]
    @STATUS_DAT@ = /var/lib/nagios/status.dat
    @NAGIOS_BIN@ = /usr/sbin/nagios
  4. If you have installed Hive or Oozie services, replace the parameter @JAVA_HOME@  with the path to the Java home. For example, /usr/java/default.

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