1. Prerequisites

Complete the following prerequisites before deploying Hue.

  1. Verify that you have a host that supports Hue:

    • RHEL, CentOS, Oracle v5 or v6

    • Windows (Vista, 7)

    • Mac OS X (10.6 or later)


    Hue is not supported on Ubuntu.

  2. Verify that you have a browser that supports Hue:


    Table 10.1. Hue Browser Support

    Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Oracle, SLES)Windows (VISTA, 7)Mac OS X (10.6 or later)

    Firefox latest stable release

    Firefox latest stable release

    Firefox latest stable release

    Google Chrome latest stable releaseGoogle Chrome latest stable releaseGoogle Chrome latest stable release
    N/AInternet Explorer 9 (for Vista + Windows 7) N/A
    N/ASafari latest stable releaseSafari latest stable release

  3. For RHEL/CentOs/Oracle 5.x verify that you are deploying the following dependency on all the host machines in your cluster:

    yum install python26
  4. Stop all the services in your cluster. For more information see the instructions provided here.

  5. Install and run the HDP Hadoop cluster from HDP-

    The following table outlines the dependencies on the HDP components:


    Table 10.2. Dependencies on the HDP components




    Core, Filebrowser

    HDFS access through WebHDFS or HttpFS
    YARNYesJobDesigner, JobBrowser, Beeswax Transitive dependency via Hive or Oozie
    OozieNoJobDesigner, OozieOozie access through REST API
    HiveNoBeeswax, HCatalogBeeswax uses the Hive client libraries
    WebHCatNoHCatalog, PigHCatalog and Pig use WebHcat REST API
    HBaseNoShellOptionally provides access to the HBase shell

  6. Choose a Hue Server host machine in your cluster where you want to deploy your Hue Server.

    Typically, you can choose to deploy Hue on any node within your cluster. However, if your corporate firewall policies allow, you can also use a remote host machine as your Hue server. For pilot or small cluster sizes, you can use the master install machine for HDP as your Hue server.

  7. Configure the firewall.

    1. Verify that the host machines within your cluster can connect to each other over TCP.

    2. The machines outside your cluster must be able to open TCP port 8000 on the Hue Server (or the configured Hue web HTTP port) to interact with the system.

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