2. Set Up the Sqoop Configuration

This section describes how to set up and edit the deployment configuration files for Sqoop.

Use the following instructions to set up Sqoop configuration files:

  1. We strongly suggest that you edit and source the bash script files included in the companion files (downloaded in  Download Companion Files).

    Alternatively, you can also copy the contents to your ~/.bash_profile) to set up these environment variables in your environment.

  2. Extract the Sqoop configuration files to a temporary directory.

    The files are located in the configuration_files/sqoop directory where you decompressed the companion files.

  3. Modify the configuration files.

    In the temporary directory, locate the following files and modify the properties based on your environment.

    Search for TODO in the files for the properties to replace. See Define Environment Parameters for more information.

    1. From the file you downloaded in Download Companion Files extract the files in configuration_files/sqoop to a temporary directory.

    2. Copy all the config files to the

      <copy the config files to $SQOOP_CONF_DIR >

      where $SQOOP_CONF_DIR is he directory to store the Sqoop configuration files. For example, /usr/lib/sqoop/conf.

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