15. Upgrade Hue

For HDP 2, you must use Hue 2.3. Hue 2.2 supports HDP 1.x products.


If you are using the embedded SQLite database, you must perform a backup of the database before you upgrade Hue to prevent data loss. To make a backup copy of the database, simply do a "dump" and redirect the results to a file.

cd /var/lib/hue
sqlite3 desktop.db .dump > ~/desktop.bak

Execute the following command on all Hue Server host machines:

  • For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux:

    yum upgrade hue
  • For SLES:

    zypper update hue 

If you are using the embedded SQLite database, remember to restore your database after upgrade.

To restore the database from a backup, make sure the destination database is empty before copying. If necessary, rename or remove the current destination database. Then, copy your backup to the destination database. For example:

cd /var/lib/hue
mv desktop.db desktop.db.old 
sqlite3 desktop.db < ~/desktop.bak

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