3. Set Up the Hive/HCatalog Configuration Files

Use the following instructions to set up the Hive/HCatalog configuration files:

  1. Extract the Hive/HCatalog configuration files to a temporary directory.

    The files are located in configuration_files/hive where you decompressed the companion files.

  2. Modify the configuration files.

    In the temporary directory, locate the following file and modify the properties based on your environment. Search for TODO in the files for the properties to replace.

    1. Edit hive-site.xml and modify the following properties:

       <description>Enter your JDBC connection string. </description>
       <description>Enter your MySQL credentials. </description>
       <description>Enter your MySQL credentials. </description>

      Enter your MySQL credentials from Install MySQL (Optional).

       <description>URI for client to contact metastore server. To enable HiveServer2, leave the property value empty. </description>

  3. Copy the configuration files.

    1. On all Hive hosts create the Hive configuration directory.

      rm -r $HIVE_CONF_DIR ;
      mkdir -p $HIVE_CONF_DIR ;
    2. Copy all the configuration files to $HIVE_CONF_DIR directory.

    3. Set appropriate permissions:

      chmod -R 755 $HIVE_CONF_DIR/../ ;


    • $HIVE_CONF_DIR is the directory to store the Hive configuration files. For example, /etc/hive/conf.

    • $HIVE_USER is the user owning the Hive services. For example, hive.

    • $HADOOP_GROUP is a common group shared by services. For example, hadoop.

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