SmartSense Administration Guide
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Viewing and Downloading Bundles with Ambari

Login to Ambari. To access the SmartSense View, click on the icon and choose SmartSense View. In the view , the list of bundles is available from the Bundles link. This page shows all bundles that have been captured and their status. If data is still being captured, the UI will automatically update itself with the capture progress until completed. Once the bundle is in a completed state, it is ready for download, or if a SmartSense Gateway is configured, the bundle will be automatically uploaded to Hortonworks.

Completed bundles can either be manually downloaded and uploaded to Support for Support Case Troubleshooting, or to the SmartSense Environment for SmartSense Analysis, or this process can be automated and scheduled by using the SmartSense Gateway. When using the SmartSense Gateway, all bundles are uploaded to Hortonworks. Support Case Troubleshooting bundles, once received, will trigger a case notification once the bundle has been successfully received. This case notification uses the case number provided during the capture initiation process.