SmartSense Administration Guide
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Integrating with Non-Ambari Managed SmartSense

In order to configure a SmartSense deployment that is not using Ambari for management to communicate with an installed Gateway, the HST Server’s configuration needs to be updated. The following properties in the HST Server’s /etc/hst/conf/hst-server.ini file need to be updated to enable communication with the Gateway:

  1. On the HST Server, edit the /etc/hst/conf/hst-server.ini file’s [gateway] section:

    1. Enable the Gateway's automatic upload capability, which means once a bundle has been successfully captured, the HST Server will automatically use the gateway to upload the bundle:

    2. Specify the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the server hosting the Gateway:
    3. Specify the port on the Gateway host on which the Gateway is configured to listen:

  2. Restart the HST Server:

    #hst restart