SmartSense Administration Guide
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Installing SmartSense Gateway

The SmartSense Gateway is not managed by Ambari and must be installed manually. The SmartSense Gateway is included in the same smartsense-hst-$HST_VERSION package used for the HST Server and HST Agent.

  1. The SmartSense package is located in the public Ambari 2.2.0 repository for those using Ambari 2.2.x, or on the Tools tab of the Hortonworks Support Portal for non-Ambari, and Ambari 1.7 and 2.1.x installations. Install the SmartSense package on the Gateway host using the example invocations below.

    • RHEL / CentOS / SLES:

      # rpm -ivh smartsense-hst-$HST_VERSION.rpm
    • Ubuntu / Debian:

      # dpkg -i smartsense-hst_$HST_VERSION.deb
  2. Configure the gateway by editing the /etc/hst/conf/hst-gateway.ini file:

    • Specify the path to the JDK to be used by the gateway in the [java] section by setting:

      home={path to your JAVA_HOME}
    • The gateway uses SFTP to upload bundles from internal HST Server environments to the externally hosted SmartSense Analysis environment. To configure the appropriate connectivity details, refer to this Knowledge Base article for the SFTP username, password, host, and port details: On startup, the Gateway will attempt to connect to the configured SFTP host, and if the connection fails, the Gateway will not start and log the reason for connectivity failure to the /var/log/hst/hst-gateway.log file.

  3. Start the Gateway:

    # hst gateway start
  4. Integrate Gateway with HST Server:

    In order for your SmartSense deployment to use the SmartSense Gateway, you must update the HST server's configuration with the Gateway's FQDN and port. See the following Sections for more details: Integrating with Ambari Managed SmartSense, or Integrating with Non-Ambari Managed SmartSense.

If the Gateway is being deployed on a server that is also hosting an HST Agent, and that HST Agent has been deployed through Ambari, and Ambari is configured for non-root operation, the SmartSense Gateway should be run as the same user that the Ambari Agent is configured to run as. Additionally, the following permissions need to be modified, only if this specific scenario applies. In this case the 'ambari' user has been chosen as an example of the user the Ambari Agent has been configured to run as:

chown -R ambari:hadoop /var/lib/smartsense/hst-gateway
chown -R ambari:hadoop /var/log/hst
chown -R ambari:hadoop /var/run/hst