Volume snapshot support

Volume snapshot support for the storage class must be installed in your OpenShift cluster.

Run the following commands to determine whether or not volume support for the storage class is installed in your OpenShift cluster:

kubectl get sc
NAME                                    PROVISIONER                             RECLAIMPOLICY   VOLUMEBINDINGMODE      ALLOWVOLUMEEXPANSION   AGE
cdw-scratch                             kubernetes.io/no-provisioner            Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   false                  82d
localblock                              kubernetes.io/no-provisioner            Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   false                  82d
nfs                                     nfs-server-provisioner                  Delete          Immediate              true                   82d
ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd (default)   openshift-storage.rbd.csi.ceph.com      Delete          Immediate              true                   82d
ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rgw             openshift-storage.ceph.rook.io/bucket   Delete          Immediate              false                  82d
ocs-storagecluster-cephfs               openshift-storage.cephfs.csi.ceph.com   Delete          Immediate              true                   82d
openshift-storage.noobaa.io             openshift-storage.noobaa.io/obc         Delete          Immediate              false                  82d
kubectl get volumesnapshotclasses
NAME                                        DRIVER                                  DELETIONPOLICY   AGE
ocs-storagecluster-cephfsplugin-snapclass   openshift-storage.cephfs.csi.ceph.com   Delete           82d
ocs-storagecluster-rbdplugin-snapclass      openshift-storage.rbd.csi.ceph.com      Delete           82d
A storage class has a volume snapshot installed if there is an entry with the value in the DRIVER column returned by the second command that matches one of the values in the PROVISIONER column returned by the first command. In the example above, the following storage classes have volume snapshot support:
  • ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd (default)
  • ocs-storagecluster-cephfs