Data Services Release Notes

CDP Private Cloud Data Services includes the Management Console, Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) and Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE). Learn about the new features and improvements in each of these services.

New features and improvements in this version of CDP Private Cloud Data Services:

  • Platform:
    • Certifications
      • OCP 4.12
      • K8s 1.26
  • CDW:
    • Impala supports updating Iceberg V2 tables
    • Added support for downloading root certificates for Impala-shell and Beeline
    • CDW validates whether Impala Virtual Warehouses has the complete CA chain
    • CDW performs port validation during environment activation
  • CDE:
    • Support for Spark 3.4 on CDP Base 7.1.8
  • CML:
    • None

Release notes for component services: